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SEO Conference Bingo

Have you completed SEO conference Bingo? Click to reveal!

Conference photo

Grab as selflie.

Tag and share :) 

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Black Robot

Bots just wanna

have fun!

Robot playing with toy
Image by Luke Chesser

We're gonna need

more charts!

Hardware Tools
Laughing During a Meeting

Enjoy the view and the best seat in the house. 

Business Plan

The gears are turning and a plan is afoot.

Pencil and notepad
Photo with Googler John Muller

Be nice. Stay calm. Wave hello.

Image by Lauren Edvalson
Audience Applauding

Congrats! You've made that speakers day! 

Image by Ankush Minda
Image by Karsten Winegeart

Can you ever have
too much?

Image by abhishek gaurav
Brighton SEO Photo

Go on. Get out of your comfort zone! 


Did you win? The proof is in the tweet!
Use #BSEOBingo and tag me with your info via

How did I build this?

This game has been adapted from a project in the Velo examples library for Wix users. It took me about 2 hours to build, write, and publish this first version of the game. All of the first images of the game are sourced from either the Wix image library or API connection to Unsplash. Some of the images are my own, accessed through the Google Photos API in the Wix Image library.

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