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Conferences & Events

Find out more about my recent speaking engagements. Get downloadable decks, watch videos and explore additional resources on topics around SEO, digital marketing, and how search works.

Brighton SEO 2022

Tech SEO for the Omni-Channel

Your brand is everywhere, all the time but is your tech SEO strategy ready for this Omnichannel world? In this talk, you’ll learn how to set priorities, follow the data, and add value to every channel with tech SEO.

Presentation Date:

6 Oct 2022


SEO and PPC The Perfect Pairing

In this session for PPC Live UK I shared insights on how PPC and SEO can work together to provide excellent outcomes for brands. 

Presentation Date:

29 Sept 2022

MozCon 2022

Visual Search Tips and Tactics

In this MozCon 2022 presentation, Crystal Carter shows how we can utilize visual search to create new SEO opportunities. By optimizing images and anticipating UGC, SEOs can make search gains.

Presentation Date:

11 Jul 2022

Wix webinar with Semrush

The power of keyword intent for organic success

Speaking with from Marcus Tober, Head of Enterprise at Semrush, about how to create effective content for different keyword intents—so you can drive organic growth.

Presentation Date:

28 Jun 2022

Webinar with SERanking

Keyword Density vs Natural Language Processing

In this webinar for SERanking, we discussed keyword density and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The first one involves using exact-match keywords on a page a certain number of times, and the second one deals with creating natural-sounding texts that provide a better user experience.

Presentation Date:

2 Jun 2022

London SEO Meetup XL 2022

Proactive indexing for the win

This deck, originally presented at London SEO Meetup XL, is a tried & tested SEO workflow. Don't "wait and see" if your pages get Discovered AND Indexed. You can & should be proactive.

Presentation Date:

4 May 2022

Search London April 2022

Making it rich and featured in 2022

In this deck, I explain how in 2022, Featured Snippets are part of the journey, not the final destination. The continued integration of multimodal MUM powered elements across the SERP means that content from ‘position 0’ is showing in many more parts of the SERP.

Presentation Date:

26 Apr 2022

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