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Wix webinar with Semrush

The power of keyword intent for organic success

Wix SEO Webinar

About the Event

In this Marcus Tober, Head of Enterprise at Semrush, shared insights on keyword intent with me and Mordy Oberstein during a SEO webinar for Wix.  

The discussion covers:

  • what keyword intent is

  • how small businesses can apply keyword intetn to their conent and 

  • how keyword intent effects SEO outcomes

During the session Marcus explained how the orgins of keyword intent from Google's orginal concept of micro moments and how that has evolved. Today, he demonstrated, Semrush includes a range of resources to help users understand and utilize data on user intent in a number of ways. 

In my own experience keyword intent can be helpful to identify opporutunities for new content creation and even products. 

Event media

Speaking with from Marcus Tober, Head of Enterprise at Semrush, about how to create effective content for different keyword intents—so you can drive organic growth.

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