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MozCon 2022

Visual Search Tips and Tactics

MozCon 2022

About the Event

In July 2022, I shared my insights on visual search and MozCon, the flagship SEO conference from the team at Moz. 

The event included insights from some of the brightest minds in the SEO industry with speakers and delegates joining from around the world. It was an incredible honor to be on the same roster with with some of my SEO heroes.

In my session, I used images from my camera roll to illustrated how tools like Google's Vision AI, Google Lens, Bing's Visual Search and Pinterest are interpereting user generated images, shaping search and search results. It's a topic which I've written on for Moz previously, I was pleased to be able to explore the topic in more depth. 

If I had to single out a core message that I want people to take way from the talk, it would be this:

Visual search is different from image search. 

With visual search the image is the query.

So visual search optimizations should be for the content of the image, 

not just the text cues (alt text, file names, etc) attributed to the image.

Event media

In this MozCon 2022 presentation, Crystal Carter shows how we can utilize visual search to create new SEO opportunities. By optimizing images and anticipating UGC, SEOs can make search gains.

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