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Brighton SEO 2022

Tech SEO for the Omni-Channel

Brighton SEO

About the Event

In this session, I shared insights on how Tech SEO can provide additional value to websites in the omnichannel age. Partially because the session was after lunch, but also because I am a great student of Beyoncé as a marketer, I used the other Mrs Carter as an example of someone who regularly engages her audience across multiple channels and uses the strength of her brand to bring audiences with her.

In my opinion, tech SEOs should work to be more like Beyoncé by engaging in methods to connect with audiences where they are. This means supporting distribution to and traffic from the places where users consume content (not only via websites), allowing that content to perform well and consistently across all channels. 

The SERP is increasingly multi-channel, featuring content from social platforms, YouTube, links off to dedicated apps, and content served through Google-managed channels like Google Maps and Google Travel, so an omnichannel approach can give you a clear benefit across the SERP overall. 

I presented my session on the Brighton SEO mainstage and was absolutely honored to speak at the conference alongside over 100 brilliant SEOs. 

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Your brand is everywhere, all the time but is your tech SEO strategy ready for this Omnichannel world? In this talk, you’ll learn how to set priorities, follow the data, and add value to every channel with tech SEO.

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