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London SEO Meetup XL 2022

Proactive indexing for the win

London SEO Meetup XL

About the Event

The LondonSEO Meetup XL took place on May 4th at Shoreditch Town Hall, with a day filled with SEO talks and discussions from industry-leading experts and high-profile speakers. 

Hosted by the team from Blue Array - the UK’s largest pure-play SEO agency, the Star Wars themed event included 9 presentations, a Tech SEO panel, and a DJ session to fill your time.

Speaker talks

Event media

This deck, originally presented at London SEO Meetup XL, is a tried & tested SEO workflow. Don't "wait and see" if your pages get Discovered AND Indexed. You can & should be proactive.

Learn More With These Resources:

My Event Photos:

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