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Webinar with SERanking

Keyword Density vs Natural Language Processing

Super Awesome Event

About the Event

In this panel discussion for SERanking, I joined SEO experts Koray Tuğberk Gübür, Sara Taher, and Andrew Cock-Starkey to answers question about how keyword denisty and Natural Language Processing can effect SEO success.  

This lively panel included conversation with some great insights on 

  • The differences in what's effective for NLP SEO different regions

  • Why adding context to your content helps Google to understand the content of your pages

  • How you can help your wider team to understand NLP requirements for SEO when creating content

This webinar is a great resource for people want an introduction to NLP concepts and how they can be applied to exisiting content approaches. 

Event media

In this webinar for SERanking, we discussed keyword density and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The first one involves using exact-match keywords on a page a certain number of times, and the second one deals with creating natural-sounding texts that provide a better user experience.

Please see below the event replay from YouTube

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