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Search London April 2022

Making it rich and featured in 2022

Search London

About the Event

Search London celebrated turning 11 years old with Crystal Carter, Natalie Mott and Skye MacInnes talking about "Featured Snippets and Tech SEO"

Event Topics

  • Crystal Carter - Top of the SERPs: Rich Results and Featured Snippets in 2022

  • Natalie Mott - Website Migration Disasters and How To Avoid Them

  • Skye MacInnes - What to do when tech changes are slow

Search London is a meetup group for those in SEO, PPC and Social Media or anyone who with an interest in the search industry. Events are organised every 6- 8 weeks and members are from a mixture of agency, client side and start up businesses. 

It is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow search professionals and catch up with the latest news in the industry. It is also a chance to meet with these people and learn the latest strategies for promoting search in the marketing and business world in general.

Event media

In this deck, I explain how in 2022, Featured Snippets are part of the journey, not the final destination. The continued integration of multimodal MUM powered elements across the SERP means that content from ‘position 0’ is showing in many more parts of the SERP.

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